The Best Week of My Life in Croatia


So I am FINALLY sharing my adventure from Croatia. I know, this is long overdue but I've had so many questions about this country that it was time to sit my butt down and write this out. 

Croatia is by far one of my most favorite countries I have visited as well as my first Eastern European country I had traveled to. From Dubrovnik to Hvar and everywhere in between, each town had something different to bring to the table. I would go back every summer if I could! 

1. Dubrovnik - I traveled to Dubrovnik on my own, before meeting up with the girls for Yacht Week! It was a game time decision 1-2 days before my flight to plan this all out. I booked my hotel through, Hotel Lapad was the name. This hotel was a cute boutique hotel right on the water and a bit of a walk from Old Town. It was beautiful to explore overall. I remember walking through the streets of Dubrovnik and just being in awe of the architecture as well as the cute little shops. In the mornings, I highly recommend running on the sidewalks along the water! You will not be disappointed. Old Town Dubrovnik can be easily tackled in the morning. If you're there during summer, try to beat the crowds because it does get very hot! It's easy to get tickets to walk above the fort. There are a few restaurant options that overlook the sea (Nautika/360) but my favorite was Restaurant Panorama. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand!! If you're a game of Thrones fan then this city is a treat for you! I honestly felt weird telling people I didn't watch game of thrones, they had so many tours around the city taking you to some of the locations where the show is shot! You can see "King's landing" in Dubrovnik per my understanding!

2. Split/ - Split was the second stop before Yacht Week took off! I took the bus to split which took about 3-4 hours if I remember correctly! Easy peasy! We got an air bnb to explore Split before heading over to our boat in Trogir. Both are small towns! Split, a town on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, is known for its beaches and the fortress-like complex at its center, Diocletian's Palace, erected by the Roman emperor in the 4th century! I loved Diocletian's Palace! There are a few outdoor spots to check out for views and architecture - Marjan Park, Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and the port of split where you can see all the beautiful yachts and boats docked throughout the summer! We went out at night to club vanilla but I'll just tell you now...that's all I remember. 

3. Trogir - Trogir was a cool little town that's also on the water. With a large marina and a few dining spots, we were able to explore the city during the day. There is a city museum as well as a cathedral with very old architecture. A lot of the town is commercialized so you'll find great food options and shopping spots throughout town! (I'm seriously so obsessed with Croatian/Eastern European architecture) At night, we checked out a local bar along the water. This was the beginning of some very long nights! 

4. Vis - Vis was such a fun island! It was our first official stop on the Yacht Week schedule. We spent the day driving around on Moped's and exploring the town. Stopped along the way for lunch along the water and enjoyed some FABULOUS gelato! There are a few cute beaches on the island to check out: Stinivia, Bisevo, and Stoncica! At night, Yacht Week had planned a fun tropical party at Fort George which was so beautiful at sunset! Seriously IG inspo galore! The food was great and they handed out blankets when it got chilly! Such a fun time!

5. Hvar - OH MY GOSH HVARRRRRRRRR. Okay straight up, the top city on my list of places to check out when in Europe. It's definitely a bit more bougie and party oriented than the rest of croatia but I am not mad about it!  Ferries connect the town with the several Pakleni Islands just offshore, which is where we were docked if I remember correctly. These are home to secluded beaches, such as those around Ždrilca Bay, as well as rocky coves and pine forests. I spent the morning exploring Hvar. I walked through town, enjoyed some caprese, trekked up to the fort all the way at the top of the city! It's cool because you essentially walk up through the small elevated alleyways of the city to get to the Fort. I made a lot of stops along the way to check out boutiques and unique corners :) Hula Hula Beach in Hvar and Stipanska Beach on Marinkovac Island are known for their nightlife and lively bars as well as Carpe Diem! Carpe Diem has its own island that you can take a small ferry to and party on the whole night. IT WAS LIT. SO MUCH FUN! Just make sure you leave the bar before 4am...don't pull a nicole and try to leave at 4:30-4:45, you'll have to end up running in heels to the boat and along the marina of Hvar like a fool.