5 Realities About Blogging No One Talks About


A lot of people have asked me the following question: "I want to become a blogger, what does it entail to be one?" or "How do I get the right audience?". I wanted to share the 5 realities about blogging in a behind the scenes kinda way, from my perspective. I am not here to preach or attack anyone in any sort of way, but simply sharing the things that I have learned over the years and recently, since I decided to become more active with my content and growing The Perfect Ensemble.

1. Blogging Is Not Just Pretty Pictures With Filters

Find content you are comfortable with shooting. Find a balance between the stuff you are sharing and be consistent. You don't just get a following or engagement by using as many hashtags as possible and traveling to Bali one time. If your blog is lifestyle oriented, stick to things that are relatable. If you are a product seller, then focus on selling. If you want to both, figure out how to blend both worlds where its not overbearing. Also, it's not just about getting the right shot but more so, how does that one post fit into the bigger picture? Think and plan ahead. 

2. You Have To Own Your Own Vision And Stick With It

Alot of people throw around the word "authentic" but I don't think being authentic is the real key to measuring any sort of progress or success. Why? Take a look around on Instagram, you will see the same purse or the same t-shirt or the same vacay spot in almost every other post. Everyone loves trendy people who add their own twist to it. So when I say "Own your vision" I mean, create content that not only aligns with you as a person but still is trendy enough to stay relevant as well as a bit timeless.

3. What Works For Others, May Not Work For You

Just because Susan posted a picture with Fit Tea, doesn't mean a post with the same content but different angle will work for your feed and brand. Play up your strengths.

4. You Have To Put The Time and Money Into Things To See It Come To Fruition But In A Smart And Calculated Way

No one is asking you to buy Louis Vuitton or a real Gucci belt (most are dupes, let's be real) to get bigger. People love genuine and honest content. If you want or are seeking brand collaborations, dont accept each and every one that comes your way with an offer. Everyone can see through #ad and #sponsored if every single post is about some product. Keep things as natural as possible and something you would actually use or are interested in using. For me, lifestyle essentials like Haircare, skin care, Food/cocktails, workout gear and clothes are perfect for me. I test things out myself for weeks at a time before sharing them with my followers.

5. You Have To Embrace The Hate

I think this has been a big struggle for me personally but its also been something that has helped me grow tremendously. The more you "put yourself out there" the more likely you are going to be prone to hatred and mockery (insert Kim K crying kimoji here). I like me the way I am, I am blunt and candid and no amount of shade will stop me from doing me. But there are days when its hard - I won't lie to you. Not everyone is going to "get it" or sometimes people will feel the need to overshare their thoughts. Sure, that's why Lindsey Lohan went cray cray. If you're trying, its gonna be a problem. If you're growing too fast, then you have bought followers. If you post too many swimsuit pics, then people will have something else to say. You can't and won't win. I have lost respect for people who aren't supportive or feel the need to make jokes on their own accounts using phases like "Swipe up" when they aren't actually doing anything. Needless to say, they don't hold a place in my life anymore and the show goes on. Don't let people stop you, if you want to blog, HAVE AT IT. If you don't wanna blog, cool that's awesome too. Do you boo boo and tune everyone out. 

My life motto is "Good things happen to those who hustle" so keep hustling friend, the blood/sweat/tears are all worth it in the end :)