FINALLY Tried Barry's Bootcamp!


This is my first review of a workout I tried and I'm super excited to share my thoughts! Barry's Bootcamp has been around for many decades and has a HUGE following across the country and even overseas. So when my friend Sarah told me that a Barry's studio had opened up in Dallas (that too, right down the street from her) I was so down to try it out. I've done a number of workouts over the year ranging from Barre, Pilates, Bikram to UFC Boxing and Soul as well as a few bootcamp programs but I had heard Barry's was the hardest! Needless to say, I was kinda scared.  

Each day at Barry’s focuses on a different muscle group. The program pairs opposing muscle groups to ensure your body has the perfect balanced workout, and proper time for recovery. We tried out the Sunday's Full Body workout, I started off on the floor with 5 lbs (lol I know, but I'm not a weights girl) and we did a few circuits (hammer curl, biceps, jump squats, lunge + shoulder press etc, more squats, rows) for about 10-11 mins then hopped on the treadmill (warm up, jog, hill, sprint) for another 10 and back to the floor. There were 2 rounds on the floor and 2 rounds on the treadmill that we alternated between. By the end of the class, I was in love and not as tired as I thought I would be! I'm a regular at Spin and Pilates so working different muscle groups was refreshing and my endurance was better than I had imagined. The instructor was so motivating that I moved up to 8s during the second round and didn't die!

Why you'll love it: 50 mins between cardio and weights is one happy marriage. If you're someone who is not proactive in the gym then being in a bootcamp is the perfect way to stay disciplined and get comfortable with circuit exercises! I thoroughly love the energy of group workouts, it’s a huge motivator! You have a mix of beginners and advanced and can really be inspired by the people around you to push harder and further your limits! My friends Sarah and Andi are more athletic than me but I was super happy I could keep up with them and we were all on the same page about loving the set up and wanting to do it again. Barry's Bootcamp lives up to the hype of working your fullbody and I never felt self-conscious if I couldn't keep up. Just like any new workout regimen, you'll only get better as time goes on! Even though I was a bit sore the next day, I would definitely sign up to do Barry's if it was in Houston. #SadDay The staff was welcoming and I gotta say, the merch is pretty darn cute.  Next time I'm headed to a city that has a studio, I'll be sure to go again :)